Onda Vase
Sunflower Yellow and Matte White
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Medium Size

Handmade earthenware vase by Daria Dazzan, unique piece, numbered. Daria Dazzan develops her pieces on the border between design, pottery and sculpture. Her unique, handmade pieces are a combination of the artistic background of the artist: high-end fashion textile. The ONDA VASE Serie is an embroidery on ceramic bodies, made with a gesture of the hand thumb. She creates an aesthetics of colour-saturated, shiny pieces.

The functional artistic pieces, entirely Made in Milano, Italy, are numbered in serie divided by color glaze. Each color will exist in a limited numbered serie of no more than 20 pieces worldwide.

Unique Piece
-PLEASE NOTE: The pictures with WHITE BACKGROUND refers to the unique pieces you will purchase; other pictures such as the piece with a coloured background or set in a interior environment, may represent other pieces from the same numbered limited serie, that are used just to show and suggest the glaze effects or suggestion for personal display.
-All functional artistic pieces may have natural, yet unique indistinct irregularities. Although we are very thorough during manufacturing to ensure uniformity, there could be minimal inconsistencies in dimensions and shapes. Each piece is crafted, glazed, fired and packed by hand.
-Our process is genuine: focused on precision, made with love and care.
-The handmade piece you will receive might vary slightly from the piece pictured due to the nature of our creation being completely handmade
-Any piece is one-of-a-kind and numbered in limited serie, marked on the piece. There are no pieces that are exactly the same due to the multiple levels of creations, making each one unique.